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Presentation of the ISAS 2010 conference

The ISAS conference in Hradec Kralove finished. All the presentations concerning the basic registries can be downloaded here. Videos of individual lectures are available on specific bookmarks.

  1. National Registers Authority (presentation download in czech)
    Mgr. Michal Novák, National Registers Authority
  2. Principles of Basic Registers system (presentation download in czech)
    Ing. Ondřej Felix, CSc., Ministry of the Interior
  3. Information System of Basic Registers (ISBR) (presentation download in czech)
    Ing. Jindřich Kolář, Ministry of the Interior
  4. Registry of Inhabitants (ROI) (presentation download in czech)
    JUDr. Zdeněk Němec, Ministry of the Interior
  5. Registry of Persons (ROP) (presentation download in czech)
    Ing. Stanislav Palas, Czech Statistical Office
  6. Registry of Territorial Identifications, Addresses and Real Estates (RTIARE) (presentation download in czech)
    Ing. Karel Štencel, Czech Office For Surveying, Mapping And Cadastre
  7. Information system ORG (presentation download in czech)
    Ing.Antonín Šusta, The Office for Personal Data Protection
  8. Registry of Rights and Obligations (RRO) (presentation download in czech)
    Ing. Štěpánka Steinbachová, Ministry of the Interior

Czech Office For Surveying, Mapping And Cadastre